Tips to get the best web hosting service for your business

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With so many hosting companies offering “business web hosting”, how do you know which is the best for your particular business? A lot depends on what type of resources you need to sustain your website. To help you decide, we’ve offered a few helpful tips below  to consider when searching for the best hosting for your business.

Size Matters: Hosting for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Shared Hosting: Choosing the right hosting plan will ultimately be determined by the size of your business and your traffic needs. If you have a small business, then a shared hosting package that includes e-commerce tools, will be effective for your business. Many web hosting companies offer hosting plans specifically designed for businesses that include business-friendly features like shopping carts, SSL certificates, and more. If you’re worried about your business expanding, you may want to look into a shared hosting plan with cloud capabilities, so that you can easily add more resources such as bandwidth or disk space in the case that you have more traffic than expected. 

Speak to the web hosting company to find out their experience in hosting sites for the size of your business

VPS or Dedicated: However if you’re already a large business and whose activities primarily take place online, then a hosting plan with a larger amount of resources (bandwidth, disk space, multiple domains, databases…) is necessary. Both a VPS (virtual private server) and a dedicated server can be effective solutions for larger businesses. The benefit of a VPS is that it’s often entirely managed by the hosting company, so you don’t need the technical experience necessary for the upkeep an actual physical server. However, you can also choose managed dedicated hosting, if this is a concern. What really is the determining factor in choosing your hosting is the amount of bandwidth and disk space necessary to sustain the amount of traffic on your website(s) and the amount of control you want over the server, since with a dedicated server you can choose the processor, OS, RAM, Hard Disk…not to mention that you also have full root control. 

Having a reliable host that can guarantee and provide 100% uptime is essential for any business

Necessary Features for All Business Hosting

E-commerce Tools: This consists of shopping carts like osCommerce, ZenCart (so that your customers can view, select, and purchase different products on your website), an SSL or TLS certificate (so that your customers’ personal details are encrypted and financial transactions can take place). Many hosting companies will also include free online marketing credit for Google, Bing!, Yahoo, and Facebook, which never hurts.If you have a large business and you’re worried about other accounts sharing your IP, you should consider a hosting plan that includes a dedicated IP address which will add additional privacy, security, and less spam.

Good Support: Having effective and friendly customer & technical support is essential for any business. If your website(s) experiences any downtime, you want to know that you can contact your hosting provider 24/7/365, who will do everything they can to solve the problem immediately.

Uptime & Reliability: Having a reliable host that can guarantee and provide 100% uptime is essential for any business. Most hosting companies will provide prospective customers with detailed information about their data centers so they know the exact conditions where their servers are held, but you should still do your research. Once you’ve purchased a hosting plan, you can easily monitor all of your websites to track their performance, but before you buy, it’s best if you check a variety of reviews and user comments to really know whether or not a host is reliable. 

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