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Green Hosting

The average server produces the same amount of carbon emissions as a 15 mpg (miles per gallon) SUV. Now consider that the typical hosting company has thousands of servers in their data centers. In an effort to offset some of this energy consumption, many web hosting companies have made various efforts to provide green hosting. By choosing to work with one of our recommended green web hosts, you’re getting the benefits of a great web hosting provider, while making your company more environmentally-friendly. 

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How web hosts become green hosts?

One way in which webhosting companies have become more environmentally-friendly is by using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power instead of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil) to run their data centers and decrease their carbon emissions. In addition many providers have switched to more energy-efficient servers, like IBM and Dell Energy Star, which save more than 30% energy than a standard server. 

RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates/Credits)

In recent years more and more companies have looked to alternative methods to compensate for the amount of energy necessary to create stable and efficient web hosting. Purchasing RECs, also known as green certificates, has become one of the most popular options. This entails that all of a company’s consumed energy is replaced with an equal amount of renewable energy in the power grid. An REC represents 1MWh (1 megawatt-hour or 1000 kilowatt-hours) of energy from a renewable resource. So in order to do this accurately, a company must first audit the amount of energy they’re using and then purchase an equal number of RECs. This is an easier option for many companies because they don’t have to increase their prices for clients or reconstruct their business centers to successfully provide greener hosting.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is another way for companies to balance out the amount of carbon emissions they use by replacing every 1 metric ton of CO2 used with a carbon offset. This is similar to buying RECs, but usually it requires a company to finance long or short-term projects that are designed to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

And whatever eco-friendly measures are taken, green hosting companies are still able to provide great webhosting plans with all of the same features (domain, hosting space, bandwidth, blogging tools, databases, programming languages, and more) that you need for your business. 


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