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PHP Hosting

PHP Hosting is a popular and affordable web hosting option. It’s preferable for businesses and independent webmasters that are interested in shared hosting, and as its found on shared hosting you'll be able to find subscription plans at low yearly prices. Below you’ll find a selection of the best PHP hosts available. 

Webhost Price Reasons to buy Rating Review Visit
iPage $3.50
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Anytime moneyback
  • $150 bonus credits
iPage Visit
Hostgator $3.96
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Free set up
  • 45 day money back
Hostgator Visit
FatCow $3.15
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Free domain
  • Green host
FatCow Visit
Bluehost $4.95
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Free domain
  • Anytime money back
Bluehost Visit
GreenGeeks $4.95
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Free domain
  • Green host
Green Geeks Visit
Webhostinghub $3.95
  • Unlimited package
  • 90 day money back
  • 24/7 U.S Support
Webhostinghub Visit

What is PHP?

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open source scripting language that’s used to create easy-to-customize dynamic websites. It’s a server-sided scripting language, which entails that the script is run on the server and then the server uses that data to create the webpage. In other words, PHP enables webpages to be dynamic and helps webmasters make their web pages more interactive. The software itself is free to download and use, however you need a PHP-compatible web host with a high-functioning server to effectively run your site.  Most hosting plans come with servers that already have PHP installed and configured.

Why use PHP Hosting?

The majority of web hosting is PHP hosting.  Part of the reason for this is that the most commonly used web applications were developed in PHP and are PHP-based, mainly because PHP is free and open-source. For example popular CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Mambo are built from the LAMP configuration (Linux,  Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Many of these are automatically included in PHP hosting packages and can be installed for you if you choose one of our recommended PHP web hosts above. Another reason is that PHP hosted sites can run on a variety of platforms including Unix, Linux, and Windows. It’s also a more cost-effective option for hosting companies which in turn makes it more affordable for customers.  You can easily find a shared PHP hosting plan that’s less than $6/month.

Free PHP Hosting

Technically all PHP hosting is free since most servers have PHP already installed on their Linux servers, but you still need to pay for an account on that server. If you want purely free PHP hosting for a small blog or personal interest site, then you can create a page easily on Blogger or Wordpress or HubPages. The downside to using a free host is that you can’t have a unique domain, you have limited options for customization, and your website won’t be open to increased rankings and earning revenue. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting in our free vs paid hosting article.


PHP is often used with HTML and much of the data in a PHP file that’s interpreted by the server is then released as HTML on the web page. You can use PHP on an existing HTML website to add various applications useful for your business such as a message system, email forms, and shopping carts.

Brief History of PHP versions

There have been 5 major versions of PHP over 25 minor changes throughout the years. The first version of PHP, was released in 1995 and subsequent versions have been released every few years. The most recent version of PHP was 5.4.0 in January 2012.  


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