Justhost vs Hostgator

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The hottest topic under constant discussion in the Internet market is choosing and making comparisons between two leading web hosts services of all times which are none other than Justhost and Hostgator. Obviously each one of us while launching a newly made website(s) tries to get our hands on the most reliable, effective and result-oriented web host since this is the very first step which determines our success in the future. A hosting service which is not meeting our requirement criteria and is not generating the expected traffic is definitely of no use to the customer. Similarly the type of sever package you choose is also of extreme importance because each type is unique to the different sorts of websites. 

Feel free to call up the customer support or sales in both companies to get a feel for who provides the better service

A server package which would be fruitful for a big Company or Organization might not work for a website which is small budget does not mean business. So it is really tricky to choose the best suitable web hosting service available. The smarter way would be; jotting down all your requirements and first of all knowing what your website is all about and what it has to offer. This will certainly lessen your worries and confusions to quite an extent and once you are done that, the next step has to be the expectations from the web host companies. You need to be clear as to what kind of results and outcomes you expect from the web host Company. What are your priorities and what is your budget. Considering all these factors you can have an overall view of the features and offers given by the web host companies and easily pick the one that seems most going with your own list of requirements.

Justhost Company is a new web hosting company in the market and has come up with a strong vision to provide quality hosting services at extremely low and affordable rates

Justhost features:

Justhost Company is a new web hosting company in the market and has come up with a strong vision to provide quality hosting services at extremely low and affordable rates. The company is currently offering some fabulous deals to its customers such as free sign-ups and lots of discounts and savings package plans. This is the reason why this Canadian web host has managed to become one of the best in such a short period of time. Other than that, the overall hosting experience with the company is really great since the dedicated team is there to provide you al sorts of assistance 24/7 not forget to mention the excellent package plans which include Justplan and JustPlan Premium. Both provide you unlimited disc storage and bandwidth at really flat low rates. Other features include unlimited data transfer and domain names. Perfect for everybody who wants quality at really cheap hosting rates.

Hostgator Features:

Hostgator Company is there in the market since 2002 and therefore, has managed to build up a sound reputation for itself among all the other leading web hosting service providers. The Company has successfully managed to grab itself the largest share of customers and is now catering to more than 3 million customers and over 7500,000 domains worldwide. The features offered by this company are literally huge. You can choose from the many server options, all of which provide you unlimited number of following things;

Unlimited sub-domains

FTP accounts

MySQL Databases

Pop3 Accounts

99.9% guaranteed uptime

Unlimited storage, bandwidth and Data transfer

You can choose from one of the following package plans as per your needs and budget

  1. Hatchling plan
  2. Baby Plan
  3. Business Plan

The features mentioned above have been carefully collected and monitored therefore all the information provided is based on research in order to let all the potential customers decide on a web host while keeping all the important features such as performance, speed and bandwidth in mind to attain a higher level of satisfaction.

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