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VPS Hosting

A VPS (Virtual Private Server or virtual dedicated server) is an ideal hosting solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want greater resources and control than shared hosting, but don’t want to pay for the full cost of a dedicated server.  To make your selection process easier, we’ve already compared various VPS hosts and have rated the best VPS hosting plans in the table below.

Webhost Price Reasons to buy Rating Review Visit
MyHosting $16
  • Fully managed
  • 24/7 support
  • Linux and windows
MyHosting Visit
HostNine $19
  • Global data centres
  • 24/7 Support
  • Customized plans
HostNine Visit
Liquidweb $50
  • Smart servers
  • Linux and windows
  • 24/7 U.S Support
Liquidweb Visit

What is a VPS?

The concept behind a virtual dedicated server is that each customer has a designated space on a server that is their own and they have complete administrative access to that section. In the past, multiple virtual servers on a single physical server constituted VPS hosting but today most companies use VPS cloud technology which means that your virtual server is hosted on a network of servers that are linked together in order to accommodate more resources,  greater stability and security, and overall better performance for users.

VPS Advantages

Root Access - Root access gives the user full administrative control over their account which is only available for VPS and dedicated servers. This enables multiple domain hosting (literally hosting more than one domain on your private server), installation of any software or web applications you want to use, permission control for other users, email accounts, ability to alter settings on the server, and any additional changes you want to make to your account.
Monitor, Manage, Backup – You can manage, monitor, and backup your personal server through your control panel. Your hosting provider will either provide you with a control panel or give you a choice, often between cPanel & WHM and Plesk & Virtuozzo. Read more about this in our control panel for VPS article
Security – VPS server allows for additional security because only the customer has access to their virtual server and none of the other sites on the physical server can impact that customer’s space. So in the case that another site on the server is suffering security or stability issues, it doesn’t affect your sites. Since you don’t need to share any bandwidth or diskspace, your websites will be running more efficiently.
Support – Having a virtual dedicated server doesn’t affect the amount of customer and technical support you receive from your hosting provider who will assist you with any issues 24/7 by phone, email, ticket system, and live chat.
Software Testing (sandbox testing) – The VPS serves as a place in which you can experiment with different alterations on your system. You’re able to do this because you can make a copy of the system within the real system that will act as a testing zone, a place where you can revise the system without affecting the actual system. 

For our recommendations on the best Linux VPS hosting, please refer to the table above.

Customizing Features

Not only can you customize the operating system, all of the software, applications, and security, you also customize all of your resources. Instead of having 3 shared hosting packages to choose from, you start with a minimum amount of RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU. The features below describe the amount of resources you’ll receive for the cheapest VPS hosting, approximately $19/month. Since most VPS hosts are using cloud computing, it’s very easy to upgrade or downgrade your resources as you need them. You should ask your hosting provider about this option.

RAM – 380 MB or more
Diskspace – 10GB or more
Bandwidth – 250 GB or more
CPU – 0.6 GHZ or more
IP Addresses – 2 or more

Cheap VPS Hosting

As a hosting package, customers receive the benefits of a dedicated server at a much more cost-effective price. The cost for a dedicated server usually starts from $100 or more/month, whereas VPS hosting is a much cheaper option. However the more resources you need, the more expensive your plan will be. If you consider the resources described above, you’ll see that you get a lot for a small price but it’s also possible to rent a virtual server with 10x the amount resources described, and that will cost about the same or more than a dedicated server.  If you’re not sure which option is best for you, you should read our VPS vs Dedicated Server article. 


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